Today, let’s focus on a very underrated label, but one of the dopest : Tru Criminal Records!

From the name, you already know what’s going to be about, what type of music they will release…

This label, on which we do not have many information, did its first release in 1996 with an untitled track from Capital LS. For those who wonder what’s like, well, you’ll have to spend money on discog. Shit is so underground you can’t digg it 2.0! Anyway, it was in 1996 as I said, remember the labels on that area : Fondle ’em, Def Jux, Def Jam, etc…

Yeah, they all were dope and you know them, that’s wy I mention them, as every B.Boy always mention them forgetting Tru Criminals!
Let’s have a listen to one of their classic release :

This came out in 1997, and I’m still bumping this shit. Another one?

Yep, well seen, Lord Finesse made the beat, he worked with them! Street Smartz, God Sun, AK Skills, or Even tonedeff in the late released been on it! They did solid released, but they had a lack of ideas regarding the promotion unfortunately, which might explains the fact they are so unknown even if all the releses were proper underground classics. About Underground classics, we have to mention the compilation they made to present the whole label, the EP is a banger and is simply named “TRU CRIMINAL EP”. Just because of “Metal thang”, this record is a must have.

Tru Criminals kept releasing stuff until 2002 from what I know, and had two volumes of “Anti backpack movement” which may make purists uncomfortable, but laugh the hustlers…! You’ve got big names on it, and one track dragged my attention :

I’m sorry to not be able to provide you more informations on this, but this label is bloody underground!!!

Anyway, we just have to know their released in otder to cop them, and if you want a dope summarization, here is a mix of DJ’s I recommend you to follow :