Bakc in the dayz, during the golden age of mixtapes (when they were on actual tapes), there was always the banger of the moment, present on every mixtape…
And back then, at the beginning of this movement, the rawest and purest tracks were parts of the bangers, and you could find it on any mixtape made by DJ’s you would respect. Mr D. Original is one of them, his track “Now you da man” was on very classic mixtape back then, from JR Ewing to DJ Three, not any indie fan could have missed it.


 How thug is this? Much more than the ones we can see nowdayz, even putting “thug” in their names but wearing skirts and gloss and calling their homies “hubbies”… C’mon…. Well, let’s get focused.
So yeah, this dude, MR D Original was a beast on the mic, from the beat to the flow, not forgetting the gangsta lyrics. Actually, you know what, I’m pretty sure his label coult not have been allowed nowadays (in France at least) cause… It was Jihad records! This guy was thug. And so, this single has been released in 1995, and the funny thing is, nearly nobody has paid attention to the other side which was dope too :


 This vinyle piece is now well wanted by the diggers community. And nobody seems to care about what he did after, so here is a few information on him! So, in 1997 he released the vinyle “3 joints”, which has 3 tracks on it as the name says. A lot of headz thought he started to get down… Well, for sure the first release was better, but so good it was hard to do better… But still, I think it ‘s a dope record! J.P.M.S. which means “just play my shit” is very gangsta and should be getting all the pursits agreed with the lyrics… “I don’t suck no dick, just play my shit” I mean, we all agree with that! On what’s all about, he describes his live in the hood (he’s from Brooklyn) and sorry, but if yuo want some proper gangsta shit, that’s the type of sound you need… Really. As well, if you pay attention and recognize which sample it is, it renders it even more gangsta… But I let you do the reasearch on it!


 The last track is bad, let’s face it, so I won’t talk about it. After this record…. Silence! I have no idea what happened to him, but one thing for sure, his ears must have been victim of something….. Cause he did not make any good track since! I even hesitate to upload one of the track of his release in 2002 “From the Cradle to the grave”. Serious, I don’t know what the fuck has happened for such a good rapper… You remember J.P.M.S? Well, he became what he describes in that track, get ready…


 Weak on any point of view, I know 2002 was a bad year for hiphop and all that, but still… He was the man at some point! He also released two other records with the “Crew original”, here is one of them :


 Better than the previous one, but still so bad in comparison with his first releases… It’s sad, but Mr D Original went from underground legend to sell out (purist point of view). Still, I wanted to pay hommage, cause this dude has clearly contributed to the underground scene, made classics and he should have had more shine on him at this time. So, even if his carreer has disappointed me, much respect for the few bangers he did, cause I still play his shitn in my car!