GodFather Don. This name, which will not mean a lot to most of people, is one of the best Hiphop producer we had…

At the opposite of people like K-Def, He still is well underrated and has not the shine he should have on him, so this TBT will be dedicated to one of the top producer we had, according to my point of view.
Let’s start with a dope track he did for Scaramanga :

This type of beat… Godfather Don is from Brooklyn, and did his first moves in the game releasing Hazardous in 1991, on Select imprint. Oh yeah, Godfather kicks the mic too. So, in 1991, i twas the typical type of sound you could hear, even if I think i twas already a bit ahead of his time. Anyway, this album made a bit of noise in the underground, and in 1992 he recorded 4 tracks for the Four Horsemen/Ultramgnetic MC’s. Here is one of the tracks :

Of course, his productions have been noticed, and thanks to that he’s been connected to Kool Keith, and the connection has been made on a label we already studied in TBT’s, may be the best one of the underground : Fondle’em. That’s how the group « Cenobites » came out to the world ! This album is considered as a masterpiece to any indie digger.

But it’s in 1998 that Godfather Donc reachs his peak (to my point of view, once again) with his second (dope as fuck) album « Diabolique ». On that album, it sounds much more grimey, the gritty NY sound of that golden area you know.

This album has to be copped too, you won’t be disappointed if you are a fan of underground and indie hiphop of the area 1996/1999, we all know that was THE area for the purist’s purists. And, he contributed a lot to this area, indeed, he did many productions on 12’ considered as pure bombs. You want some names ? Saramanga, Screwball, Kool Keith, Ayatollah or Cormega for whom he got a classic one every B.Boy knows :

Godfather Don has made so much beats, I let you do the reasearch. However, I’d like to drag your attention on the album he released in 2010 « Donnie Brasco » which is dope an for some reason, has not been really noticed by the undergruond community.

So yeah, I wanted to do this TBT for people to know this producer has been incredibly slept-on, and I still don’t understand why. What is he up to nowadays? Well… He went to church ! He went into the gospel stuff, and he plays rock. I know, I would not have expected it either, but words are coming from Mr Kool Keith himself. But as up today, nobody really knows… So Godfather, if you read us, give us a shout !