Let’s get back in time! When a phone, was just… A phone! Well, it was even a bit more than a phone. It was the best phone you ever had, you could play games, send texts, and at the time, this phone was THE shit! Yes, you guessed : Nokia 3310…
This phone, personnally, was my second phone in my life (I had a samsung, but I would not recommend it. It was a mistake as a nubie. Like if you bought Kingdom come of Jaÿ-Z, thinkin you had some proper Jaÿ-Z NY shit. You’ve been fooled). And well, I keep thinking it was the best one.

Here are the reasons :

– Battery would not die after three calls.

– Snake game was the best game ever on a phone.

– It could fell on the floor, and still work. You could even hit someone with it.

– At the time, the design was dope.

And well, it still is ok actually.

– The price was not as scandlaous as today’s phones.

– You could change the shell of it with what you wanted to, and that was dope.

Young generations will say : “what?! and no internet on it??? and you say it was the best phone you had?!”. Ok, right, it’s great to have internet on your phone… Or not, how many people use it while with friends and all that?? it’s killing social relationships, so I don’t know… Anyway, at the time we were not feeling like we were needing internet on it, sending texts was already a little revolution for my generation.

As well, Nokia hustled the phone’s game. How many units sold? 100 milions! (snake game helped, no doubt).

This phone, respected for being the strongest phone ever, and commercialised in 2000 was a tough guy compared to today’s phones. I mean, it’s like comparing Billy danze to Logic for exemple (it s’ cool tho, Logic is a good rapper, it’s not the question, i think you got me)… a battery which could last 260h and 4h30 if on communication, thats’ good, but on top of that : You cannot get spyied with a nokia 33 10.

And clearly, if you’re a clever hustler, your choice should go to Nokia and not the IPhone 6, don’t you know bad boys move in silence?

Also, it’s the type of phone you can always rely on. For example, my bro had his line cutt off due to money issues, but he needs it to work, the solution came from 3310! You buy it for 15 euros in a shop nowadays (and yeah, those phones are still working, they do not die of oldness. I told you they are tough), you put a 10 euros credit in it : deal done.

 So yeah, I just wanted to pay hommage to the best phone I ever had, which one more time saved someone, and is the real definition of a classic : timeless!