Phil The Agony, is tipically the type of rapper from Cali that I like because he sounds like a NY rapper. Actually, Before Internet, I just did not realised he was from cali ….
(I was not speaking english either, don’t bash me !). The first track I heard from him, was the underground classic “Net Wieght”. The very minimalist beat made by Barber Kiz just hit me in the head, with the Phuil’s flow. It was in 95, so it was a good one (like 85% of releases at the time. Yep, I am not objective…. Or am I?!).

Anyway, it’s not many people who really realised how good that record was (or may be there was so many good records in 95, it ws hard to do a proper selection?), but in 2000, something changed in Phil’s professional life! He’s been signed on a very respected label : Good vibe recordings. For those who are not sure, this label signed some hiphop legends such as Slum village, Bahamadia (one of the most underrated female in the game) or Declaime. So, Phil was on the way to the riches, and dropped “Blunted” whic, at the time, sounded pretty dope to keep speaking about smoking some good blunts!
And really, the beat man…. It’s another classic which made noise in the underground, it even had the chance to be on the JR Ewing’s mixtape “Narcotic brothers” (which increased the record’s price on Ebay, as usual when something is on JR’s selection and japanese B.Boyz notice it. Japanses B.Boyz always had very good taste regarding undie hiphop, fact). Oh, and funny fact, the beatmaker on that classic joint was Evidence, from the dilated People (actually, when you know it, it’s obvious). It seems like all the rappers from Cali at the time, who were sounding like NY rappers, they all were firends, and our ears do thank you guys!

Following those releases, we have a bunch of dope tracks, still on the same label. Really, I haven’t heard a trashy track from this dude in solo, it’s just real Hiphop, simple as that. But, probably the most important moment of Phil’s carrer was when he connected to to Mitchy Slick, and Krondon in 2003. They formed the legendary “Strong Arm Steady” Crew. The crew had quite a big exposition for their skills of course, but as well because they had Krondon.

First mixtape in 2003 called “The collectors Edition Vol.1″, and then a lot of tapes. After 50 built G Unit’s career thanks to the mixtapes, at some point, it felt like everybody had mixtapes to release… You can get the Strong Arm Steady ones eyes closed. The first official album came out in 2007, ”Deep hearted”, and was well received by everyone. They did quite a few other albums (you know, I want you to do the reasearch to learn too), but, I’d like to drag your attention on the one they did with statik Selektah. to be honnest, I always thought statik was overrated. I always found 70% of his beats quite boring… (please don’t bash me)… But, the album with the crew, really, hats high! It’s a very dope one, not only because of the MC’z, but as well because Statik must have felt he couldn’t fail, he had to do his best to make it a classic! I don’t know if it’s a classic, but it’s one you cannot ignore, at all. Especially in 2012, when Hiphop was getting better, but was still in need of dope ass albums as this one :

So yeah, that was the emerged part of the Iceberg concerning Phil Da Agony… Before finishing on this topic, please remember the new EP will drop, and here is the trailer… As you guys, I hope It’s going to be as good as it used to be regarding Phil Da Agony, but as KRS said “a dope Mc is a dope MC3”. One!