2015 has started and I’m back with the #TBT, so I was looking back at my crates wondering what’s been dope in 2014…

Well, quite a few albums actually!

So, I’m just gonna give you what were my 5 best LP’s this years, with a quick explanation, hoping I’m not missing any dope project…! Please note there is no proper doppeness order, just stating them randomly…And support artists and the Hip Hop by buying albums.

Killer Mike x El-P  Run The Jewelz 2

El-P and Killer Mike

Run The Jewelz 2 I pay a lot of respect to beatmakers that keep doing some dope boom bap, such as Buckwild. But I have so much respect to the dope beatmakers who take risk at every album! El-P is one of them (along with ALC and Muggs, i.e.). Since company flow to his solo projects, not forgetting Cannibal Ox (one of the dopest indie album to me), El-P always surprised us, and kept stepping his game up. Even on the mic. He does it again with Killer Mike, and it’s a must buy.

4. Havoc – 13 Reloaded

Dont get fooled, the name of the album does not mean it’s a reissue of the first one with bonuses. Nop, it ‘s a proper album, with the grimey touch, the Mobb Deep sound. BUY THE ALBUM

Mobb Deep – The infamous Mobb Deep

As we talk about the mobb… their come back was well awaited, and fans like me got their dose for the year! you’ve got all what a Mobb Deep’s fan need : new dope material, flow still on top, beats on a next level, NY spirit, raw lyrics, no bullshit. My fav one this year. And the big bonus was the CD 2 on which you could listen to the old school track from the Infamous’ sessions, and well… We just expect the same for ‘Hell on earth’!

6.BKR$CLB – All Mighty

As we talk about the real hiphop spirit, this year, Canada striked with two dope albums, one of them is this one… Coming from nowhere, it just hit me in the face recently. I mean, you know, many rappers try to sound like in 94′, but it just does not sound good and no ones like it : either the purist, neither the young B.Boys, only the purist who say a dope beat is dope when it’s done saying “we real hihpop” like it… But musically, it’s rare to have someone really good at it. This guy is not good, is DOPE, really from the first track to the end, only dope hiphop. BUY THE ALBUM

Frankenstein – The Science of Sound

 And as we talk about the Canada…. the dopest MC from this country released (on Ill Adrenaline, label which just release dopeness) Frankestein! This album contains all his hits and never heard before tracks… If you want to know more about it, check out my ITW there:

8. School boy Q – Oxymoron

Kendrick’s album ‘Good kid, Maad city’ is still being played in my car,TDE is really dope andf brings a fresh air to Hiphop. Schoolboy Q just proved you cannot count only on Kendrick, thanks to this solid LP. Most of the tracks are dope, some are not that good, but still, it was one of the album of the year, and it helps to alternate with Boom Bap style to which we are may be too addicted (but it’s ok, don’t worry). BUY THE ALBUM

Dilated people – Directors of photography

Another long awaited album, for the well respected group, which is on point. Some pure Dilated people shit as we like it! The prod by primo is a banger, but not only that, the whome album is… And well, you know, how good is it to hear some dope scratches made by Dj Babu in 2014??? This album has pleased my ears in 2014, even if they probably will never do something better than “Expansion team”, the Dilated people keep killing it and keep hiphop alive.

10. The Doppelgangaz -Peace Khed

I remember how I was happily surprised when I first heard some some of their joints a few years ago. I knew those guys would give us some very good album, and I like their whole thing with the capes and all that. I enjoyed what they released, but I have to say, to me, in 2014 they stepped their game up! The beats are sick, really sick. Regarding their lyrics and whole things, they are loyal to themselves. Don’t sleep! BUY THE ALBUM

The Doppelgangaz – Peace Khed

 Regarding 2015, if you ask me what I expect to be good…. I’d say straight away : the next Cannibal Ox ! Which is planned, without El-P unfortunately, but we should have dope producers such as MF Doom, and well, Cannibal Ox have been on point every time, even on their solo projects.

By the way, I did not mention them, but some other albums were very dope, such as MF Doom and Bishop Nehru. As well, Lord Steppington was an album of high quality, even if ALC is not the best rapper ever, the fusion of both friends is a very enjoyable result. I surely miss some good stuff, I tried to point out the ones I’ve been playing the most…? BUY THE ALBUM

 Next week, we’ll released the mixtape’s top. And you, what’s your best of 2014 ??