Dj J Hart x Dj Whoo Kid (G-Unit)

The Agenda Show NYC aka the biggest USA urban wear event just closed a couple hours ago. That was a great one but I’ll be honest with you this one was not the best one I did, maybe because of the new location and clothes I’ve seen. Anyway, I could find my top 5 pieces and my top 5 hats, plus some extras…
And to add some flavors with your reading, I mixed you a couple tracks of this summer, press play and enjoy :

DJ J HART – Top July Songs Mix

HAT :  As a french I had to pick up this one ! “Oh Merde” (means literally “Oh Shit”) by Bandit-1$MK is my favorite snapback of this Agenda Show. Probably because the expression “Oh Merde” is the most curse used in my country lol but also because of the quality and the history of this brand… Founded a couple of months ago by the famous graffiti/designer crew named 123 Klan, this new brand provide dope designs and I repeat the quality of the Hats, Jumpers, T-Shirts… are amazing, real talk. This is definitely my favorite discovery of this show make your opinion by visiting their website @ .

BANDIT-1$MK – “Oh Merde” SnapBack

JUMPER : The fabrics and design of this top is unique. You can’t see it on the picture but all the colors are “Bouclé” (like a Teddy Jacket Bouclé Patch) which makes this piece so special. Coming soon on .

BOTTOM UP : You can’t go wrong with Staple…And you def can’t go wrong with this bottom up which remind me some Ralph Lauren classics. As usual the quality is here , get ready to buy this one in 2 weeks via your favorite shop or .

STAPLE – “Pigeon” Bottom Up

T-SHRT : Maybe a lil’ flashy but that T-Shirt is the sh#t to me simply because it’s a patchwork of images from one of my favorite movie ever : “Carlito’s Way” starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn… Get yours in a couple of month via S.M.W.

DOUBLE NEEDLE – Carlito’s Way T-Shirt

SNEAKERS : Once again my italian background has to speak. Plus if you combine it with the fact that I’m a PSG fan, I have no choice to buy this ones in spring 2015…Ok, while I’m waiting I’m get a Velour sport suit on ! lol
FILA – 93 Runners

BONUS : No Comment just crazy boards by 5Boro NYC !

Let’s Move along for an extra TOP 5 of the best hats by J HAT hmm HART ….Sorry, lol : 

#1 – POLER OUTDOOR Snapback 
#2/2bis – STAPLE 
#3 – KING APPAREL – 5 Panel
#4 – ROCKSMITH – Leather Hat
#5 – ENTREE LIFESTYLE – Beanie Hat
By the way I had the pleasure to Shoot for XXL Magazine; thanx to Roger for the opportunity and check the flix HERE.

PS : “A big thanks to Mark (TopShelf Premium, Mr Scien (123 Klan),  Josh (10Deep) Rich (Crooks & Castle), Tim (King Apparel), Louis (Fila), Nico (Staple), Curren$y, Waka FLocka, Dj Wooh Kid, Dj Clark Kent and everybody I forgot. ” – J Hart


Graff x Dj Clark Kent x Dj Whoo Kid
Waka Flocka
Mark (TopShelf Premium)