« Dipset ! Dipset ! Dipset ! » ah man, I remember… When the dipset first came out, my man Deuki deuk told me « thats the shit, better have an ear on that Becri, they’re NY’s future ». and I was like « fo’ real, I don’t think they can rap, apart from Camron you know… »…

At the time, I was exclusively into Big L, Big Pun, Premier’s productions and stuff, you get the picture. So, in comparison, with the dipset’s beats, flows and topics… It couldn’t really be compared, it didn’t even sound like NY to me. It was East Coast rappers doin some dirty south music, in a bad way. They even had a track called « crunk music ».


And then, suddenly, for some reason, after my friend has played this track like 10 times in a week I realised it was dope. May be I was flyin a bit, Which gave me another vision of it, or may be as I was getting their flows, I realised they were doing their own thing. And they had some really NY gritty stuff too :


 So I copped Diplomatic Immuinty. And then, I really enjoyed the dipsets during the summer ! I’ve been stucked into QB music for a very long time, and BK and all that. I’ve been into « dark » music during my teen years, and then, as the sun came out, during our BBQ’s Dipset was totally appropriated. During our days hanging out in the parc, it was appropiated. During our nights, getting boozed in a car, it was appropriated. And actually, Camron can rap, Juelz can too, Jim Jones as well. It just took me some time to understand.


 It actually was some proper gangsta rap, but which could be played by a girl from a nice familly. At first that was something I hated. Then I was like « yeah man, they have something, they can get big ». They got big, but not as much as everybody thought they would. Still, I keep listening to them a bit as often as the heat comes out.