Zup guys?! Let’s get back in time with a very representative object, which made all of us, hiphop headz, well happy during years… The Ghetto Blaster!

Hiphop is not about just music as you know, and usually we remind to people it’s about graffiti, breakdancing, mixtapes, and all that… But none of this would have been possible without the help of our good old devices!
Remember walking down the streets with your headphones on, listening to the last Tony Toca mix, and having this great feeling like « shit man, this mix is the shit, I’m glad I haven’t slept last night to record it thanks to my… Ghetto Blaster! »

And that feeling, when one of your friend was giving you the last dope album out, on cassette. And then, went to copy it cos’ u were broke! Without a ghetto blaster, I can tell you, my hiphop culture would have been way lighter than it is now! Thanks to my ghetto blaster, I could have many albums, I could do my very own mixes… I even done my first instrumentals thanks to it, you know, at the end of a dope track when the instrumental goes on. You juste have ten seconds, but you copy those 10 seconds so many times that you finally get a beat! Not the best quality ever of course, but when you are so skint that you cannot buy a turntable and instrumental vinyles, I can tell you, you say « I love you » to your ghetto blaster.
And you know, it’s a beautiful object! I don’t want to always say « it was better before » cause it’s not. I mean nowadays, thanks to mp3, you dont have the typical issue of the cassette getting stuccoed and sometimes destroyed in (and by) your ghetto blaster, and thats good! But a MP3 is nothing, it’s not nice whereas a cassette is. And thanks to my cassettes, I’ve been recording some legendary freestyles played on the radio, and not many have it, not even the radio presentations who were doing the show! So I have exclusivities thanks to my lovely ghetto blaster!
And well, one of the best thing with it was… You know, during the summer, you catch up with your crew, you sit down in a park, drinking and chillin’ out… with great hiphop next to you, cos’ your ghetto blasters never fail to put some good atmosphere around (but sometimes you were failing, when you forgot to bring some batteries, which was very disappointing during a night by the lake).
Do yeah, for this TBT, I just wanted to pay hommage to my ghetto blaster, who blessed me so many years, and helped me to catch up with the last dope hiphop tracks!
One love!