Yo dudes… Remember, when back in the days, it wasn’t authorized for any douchbag to get the mic and to rap? When you couldn’t rap if you did not pay your dues? When hipsters did not fukin appear?
As a frenchie, I’ve always seen Brooklyn as a dangerous place, full of proper rappers like Shabazz the Disciple, Gangstarr, Busta Rhymes, M.O.P. and many others! But recently I’ve seen something on the web recently, in which Spike Lee was blaming the bloody hipsters for killing the Brooklyn spirit… This phenomenon is worldwide, and I can tell you, we’re fed up with all this punk ass, skinny idiots with their mustache, their shirts and their glasses…??

Right, I know we should not judge people on their look, and actually, some of those hipsters my be very good in Hip-hop (I never met any, but I guess there is some in the entire world). And even if you don’t judge a book on its cover, it you see a hiphop book with flowers on the cover, you be like « yo, is it about gay hiphop? » and well, I’m not fan of gay hip-hop, i’d prefer never have to deal with it to be honest.

You know, it’s not only about Hip-Hop, actually, these pretentious guys buy stuff in the ghettos, their friends do too, and so… the rents increase, and guess what, the poorest people have to move on, and a ghetto becomes a fashion place to be. I think that’s what Spike Lee was criticizing in the link below :

Anyway, let get back to the topic. You, bloody hipsters, have decided to be Hip-Hop. So, so Hip-Hop brands are getting adapted to your style and we have some shitty clothes coming out, which look gay. As well, we have wack rappers coming out, cos’ they know they can get money from you guys. So it creates rappers « that hipsters love ». But, you don’t like the hardcore rap, you don’t like if there is homophobia or too « raw » for your soft minds. It became quite a long time ago, but nowadays, rappers are scared to rhyme some stuff in case a hipster would sue them. It’s not the fact to insult gay people that I like, but the art. when an artist has to censor himself, on any point of view i don’ t like it. so when, due to hipsters, some rappers can’t rhyme about gay people, well I think « it was better when hipsters did not exist ». Fuck censorship, and anyone who supports it.
You know, there is something not « real » with hipsters in Hiphop. The hiphopsters, as some might call them, don’t know nothing about hiphop. They never did graffiti (i’m talking of real graffiti, if you do it with the agreement of your city hall, then you’re not writer, you’re a toy. fuck you then.), they never practiced breakdancing, never had to go as a teen to a project to see a real concert, cos’ they did not have the balls. no no, they go to clubs, where people form the hood cannot get in, in which they play hiphop and they say to themselves « awww.. hiphop is such a good art, i loooove it ». fuck you once again. Those guy don’t know the Big Noyd stuff, they never heard of E. Money bags, they dont know K def, but they think they are Hiphop because they know « The message » of furious five, « shook ones pt 2 » (but dont know nothing of  this crew, real dudes have reacted when I mentioned E. Money bags) and all that. 
They love gangsta rap, but they get punched in the face if they are in front of a real thug, and they might get robbed if they try to get debugs in a real hood. Well, you know the point i’m trying to make. 
They are too many, they don’t know anything, but they are arrogant and they like a culture which (at first) hate what they are. Because after all, hipsters are from (at least) the middle class, to upper class. Why do they want to appropriate to themselves OUR culture??? I still don’t get it, but I felt like I had tho tell them to fuck off.