The first time I heard of Shabaam Sahdeeq, it was on a mixtape mixed by a French DJ (can’t remember who… It’s quite a long time ago now!), and the track was « no retreat, no surrender » (also known as « Jails, Hospitals and Hiphop ») with features Kool G Rap…

To be fair, at the time I was doing my first steps in Hiphop and didn’t know how important Kool G Rap was to Hiphop (it has changed since, of course, this track came out in 2001). This tracks as many version, I had the Alchemist’s remix (other version are made by Celph Titled). Violons… Add to it Kool G Rap and … Shabaam Sahdeeq ! Yo, Shabaam properly kills it, Kool G rap is dope as usual, but definitely, Shabaam Sahdeeq has the skills which allow him to rhyme with him. Seriously, this track is a classic, it will hit you up in the head if you never had the chance to listen to it before :

I grew up a little bit (even tho i’m still not tall), and when I was doing my first steps in the underground HipHop, I copped the Pure Premium 2, of JR Ewing (once again). A writer, who took me with him to show me what HipHop is, played it in the car. This tape is a must have. Also, there as a Shabaam Sahdeeq track on it : « So real ». feat. Gary Smith. I have to say, at first I was a bit surprised, the bit was more chilled out. But man, this beat was dope. Lyrics tight and on point. Flow dope as usual, you know… I quickyl understood Shabaam was about real raw Hiphop. So, I took my time and went to the crates with my shovel. If you want the EP, it was out in 96′ and on the B side you have a feat. Shadows in the dark… Which proves Shabbam does not collaborate with wack MC’z…

Then, as I have been flooded by HipHop EP’s, I didn’t focus on him until he came to Lille (my town, North of France). Yo, this guy is hardcore. I remember, the show was tiiiiiight !!!! And I had even more respect because (well, he did all the classics, just pure HipHop) he was here one week after his appendix’ operation !!! He said he came over anyway, for the love of HipHop ; I have to say, I have much respect for that.

Before I stop here, recommending you to digg in the crates for his other tracks, I’d like to drag your attention of his past crew : Polyrhythm Addicts, composed of DJ Spinna, Mr. Complex and Apani B. Created in 1998, if you get their records, you’ll feel that good old HipHop taste… !

By the way if you need more get ready because Shabaam Sahdeeq will release is new album “Keepers Of The Lost Art ” on April 22nd.