This week has been marked by two things for a french B.Boy, which we can be related : The appointment of the new prime minister drove to dispression. And when I’m not in the best mood, I listen to Mobb Deep (even when I’m good actually)…

And good news, a new Mobb Deep is out ! The new tracks are dope (to be fair, I didn’t exepct the album to be that good, but it is), the old school ones never released are just as good as some good wine which has aged.

And while I was listening to it, feeling like HipHop’s still alive, I remembered that double album I copped back then : The infamous archives. It was in 2007, no promotion or anything, and that album was in front of me in the record store, I bought it straight away.

 This album contains all tracks unreleased before (at the time), and all of them are just dope, just check
 it out :

 As you can see, Infamous Mobb is on it, but not only them, the list is impressive : Onyx, Snoop Dogg, Rah Digga, Big Noyd, 50 cents, Busta Rhymes, Tragedy Khadafi, Chinky, ACD, Gotti, E. Money Bags… Seriously, this album is as good as a proper Mobb Deep album, any fan of the crew should have it. As well, you have that underground classic track : « Young Love », with that Prince’s sample and their lyrics (this track is on the classic tape « 5 deadly venoms of Brooklyn »)… Mobb Deep as always been good to write love songs………. !

 If you like the proper grimmy Mobb, you’ll get what you want, and the connexion with Big noyd never miss the target….

 There is not any disappointing track on it, not any. Unfortunately, we do not know much of the history of those tracks, why they haven’t been released ? Were they supposed to be on an album ? Apart from « Bump that » and « Backwards », it’s hard to know what happened to those tracks… Just go and dig in the crates, some of these tracks have been released on vinyle…

So, as they did released a double album with so many dope tracks, recently an alternative version of « The Infamous » which is dope too…. I wonder if there is any other unheard material ?! If so, let’s hope they’ll release it at some point, who knows how many other classic they have in the vaults… By the way, let’s big up J Love, aparently he’s for something regarding this release…