I had the pleasure to hangout with the artist Miss Me while she was in New York on last week to do her amazing painting… Enjoy the interview and Pictures below, this is a #BBS Report :

J.H. : Hello Miss me , first of all thank you to be here for that #BBS
Report. Let’s start this interview, tell us who you are what you do ?

M.M. : I am a canadian/ swiss/french weirdo that likes to paint her opinions and share them with the streets.

J.H. : So you are Paris, France native but you live in Montreal since 14 years. Why did you moved ?

M.M. : I actually was born in Geneva Switzerland, but did spend
11 years in france though. I moved to take the european ceiling off my

You’re in New York City for one week to do you art, do you feel a
difference between New York City , Montreal and Paris about the street
art culture ?
M.M. : Each city has his own soul, light, energy, ghosts and magic…
J.H. : As we discussed before, you told me that you left your “9 to 5”
job of Art Director to be a freelance artist. So my question is why did
you decide to left a “regular job” ?

M.M. : I needed to give my soul a voice and my heart it’s freedom.

J.H. : What is the most difficult part in your job ?

M.M. : Discipline.

J.H. : And what is the part you prefer ?

M.M. : Freedom.

J.H. : What is your best advices for the people who want to make this move ?

M.M. : We have two lives: the second one starts when you realize you only have one.

J.H. : You also recently went to Dakar in Senegal to do some painting, how was that experienced ?

M.M. : Soul-filling. it exploded my senses and blessed me with so much energy and with a drastic different way of living.

J.H. : What was your best moment as an artist ?

M.M. : Hard to say… so many little things…but i guess when
you realize people you don’t know truly appreciate what you do and tell
you it really speaks to them… yes, that’s my favorite part.

J.H. : And If you could write only one line of your future, what it will be ?

M.M. : To have meaning and to give meaning.

J.H. : What’s your definition of HipHop ?

: Wow…i could go into a very descriptive an official description..but
i guess for me, it’s just a movement that started from the underground
of a society, from it’s streets and forgotten ghettos, and became huge
through it’s truth and funky authentic energy…

J.H. : What is better than money for you ?

M.M. : Love.

J.H. : Thank you for that interview, now Miss Me. Now, this is the oppurtunity to tell what you want :

M.M. : I’d love to reach out to more people…to meet
more artists and free-thinkers….and create more.

Thank you Miss Me and keep doing what you do because it’s more than amazing !!!
INSTAGRAM : #missmeart
WEBSITE : Miss-Me-Art.com