Yo ! Due to personal issues, I missed a few throwback Thursdays… But we’re back on ! And this time, we’ll talk about some proper gangsta rap (again) : Thirstin Howl the 3rd, member of the Lo-life gang.
Who are the Lo-lifes ?

They are the ones who made rich a few security engineers, made the polo brand famous in the streets and made a few security guards shit in their pants… ! Their name is due to the brand they used to robe : Polo → Lo-Life !
From what we know, they would have had rob for around 40 milions of dollars of clothes… Nothing less than that… Proper gangta shit as I said !

And apart their influence in the new secutiry technics agains thief (because of them, some of the mannequins exposed in the shops, have now some cameras placed in their eyes…), they also influence the whole style of streetwear on the East Coast during the 90’s.

But time goes by, people are ageing, and Thirstin Howl (one of the top chief) is a rapper – From Brookly, Brownville and with orginis from Porto Rico – not just a robber. So I’d like to focus on that. I remember the first track I ever heard from Thirstin, I was just Laghing my ass off with « Live with you moms », check it out :

Funny, innit ?! I thought of eminem when I heard that, so later on, I typed this track on youtube, and I realised that was part of the album « Skilligan’s island » out in 2002. And guess what, on it you have a track with eminem ! Which is a fuckin bomb :

Listenning to thirstin Howl can be confusing, you can be laughing a lot like « still live with you moms » or « cartoon bitch » (dreams of fuckin a cartoon bitch), or « how many baby movas » :

But at the same time you clearly feel Thirstin ain’t no joke…

And also, with his Lo-life friend Rack-lo :

Nowadays, Thirstin is still surrounded by criminals, but also will give you some good advices to cook if you are thrown in jail ! My advice : cop the album, underground classic !