Today I want to introduce you Craig Hein who is an artist of New York City. From painting, to drawing, to sculpturin, to art directing, discover in this interview the life of a passionate cool dude who’s living his dream ! Enjoy …

J Hart : Who is Craig Hein ?  …

Craig Hein : I am an artist…and  I make small sculptures that hang on the wall, paintings with sculptural elements, and drawings.
J Hart  : Let’s start with 3 quick questions :

– If you were a famous painting ?

Craig Hein : I’m a big hand sanitizer fan, and I’m always worried about catching colds, so maybe  Picasso Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, since it’s about worrying about having syphillis  !

J Hart  : If you were a Song ? 

Craig Hein : The
Smiths, Ask.  Or any of the Natural Elements freestyles from Stretch
and Bobbito. When A-Butta would come off the top there was just this
joyful, playful energy.  If I could harness something like that for the
rest of my life, I’d be happy.

J Hart :  If you were a street of NYC ?

Craig Hein : I think 14th street.  It’s a block that just is what it is.
J Hart :  You recently did an exhibition in Brooklyn , can you tell us more about it ?

Craig Hein : I
did a show with my friend Renee Delosh at Wayfarers, which is a space
in Bushwick that has studios and a gallery space.  Renee and I both used
to have studios there.  The show is called “Not Everybody Feels Like
They Have To Win All The Time”. Renee is one of my favorite artists.  

J Hart :  Alright, and about your life, What is a typical Craig Hein’s day ?

Craig Hein : I
work on art direction for Chapman Skateboards. Chapman is the best
skateboard manufacturer in the world and right now we’re doing our own
line, as well as designing boards and a specialty apparel line for Zoo
York. I usually take care of emails for that while I’m taking the hour
train ride from my apartment in Inwood in upper Manhattan to my studio
in Bushwick. I work in my studio for a few hours, and then in the
afternoon I give private art classes.
J Hart : What was your first draw or painting ? And how did you came at art ?
Craig Hein : I’ve
been drawing for as long as I can remember.  I would try to do a little
graffiti when I was like 14 or 15 so my drawings were all just
cartoonish, graf type stuff for a long time.  When I actually started
understanding real ideas about art, I was 17.  I was lucky enough to go
to high school with Van Hanos, who is the most naturally brilliant
artist I’ve ever met.  So he inspired me so much as a kid.  He still
does, even though I don’t see him much these days.

J Hart : Now there is a new trendy of making merchandizing art, what you think about that ?  

Craig Hein : As
far as art that is what could be considered “merchandise”, if someone
can make make an art object or present an art idea that works as a
multiple, and the sell it outside of the gallery system that’s perfect.
 Like a Jenny Holzer t-shirt. But there’s a whole lot of Justin Bieber
art out there.  You can’t get mad at it, it’s just Justin Bieber art,
you know? Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole Banksy thing
was owned by Disney.  Did you hear that J-Zone record, Jacking For
Basquiats?  It’s so good.

J Hart : Ahahahaha, I got you ! Let’s go back on your career Craig, what is your dream or what could be your biggest achievement ?
Craig Hein : I
have one piece that’s hanging in someone’s house in the same room as an
Alan McCollum piece, and a few artists, like Mary Heilmann own stuff of
mine.  But if this is gonna be on your site, where you’ve got Sean
Price and M.O.P. interviews, that might be my greatest achievement!

J Hart  : Okok Thank you Craig, Now it’s time for the classic BBS question : Do you think there is something better than money?
Craig Hein : Making a ton of money isn’t important to me at all, but without it I don’t know.
J Hart  : Now that’s your shot, tell what you want :
Craig Hein : I don’t understand why all these young kids want to rap like a Tony Robbins motivational speech ! ( laugh )

J Hart  : Before to finish the interview, please Remind us were we can follow you ?

You can follow me @ and @craighein
on twitter and Instagram and my Facebook is Craig Hein.  There’s this
other artist somewhere in the Midwest that makes giant guitar
sculptures, but that’s not me…
Thank you J for this interview.
J Hart : You’re welcome !
( Here are a couple of  others pictures I did during Craig Hein’s exhibition )