“This saturday I decided to start my Saturday’s (french) Toast selection…
Indeed, as a Dj, I have to share what I like and what is hot, plus I have always putted the limelight on up & coming or underground artists, so it came natural to me to start this new move. Why only once a week ? Simply because I prefer quality over quantity and you have enough websites which drops tons of new music every day…”- J Hart

So after this brief introduction, I would like to present you the new video of Dyverse The 1st titled ‘Me No More’ feat & Flo Simpson. The track is produced by Joe Paps and the cinematic video is directed & edited by…..Joe Paps again , helped by Yvan Durraive. 
I can’t say no more, exept press play below, make your opinion and if you like it, support the artists by buying the song & instrumental HERE.

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