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Yo ! You guys must have noticed, these days, two things are making the hype : hypster rappers (meh) and female rappers (meh). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against female rappers, right ? Let’s face it, most of girls being put in front of our facebook timelines, well !

But they cannot Rap ! They are cute, I’d like to bang most of these girls, but not having them in my ears ! Nowadays, you just have to be cute and having some « swag » (fuck swag by the way), and the hypsters will be like « queen of rap » (hypsters are not B.boys, do not forget…)…

 Let’s face it too : it does make money ! But real B.Boys do not listen to them (and well, we still have some female rappers able to kick it properly, I’m not saying girl rappers are dead, but they are a minority regarding the number of wack female rappers… unfotrunately), real B.boys listen to stuff like… Rah Digga !

 I was playing this vinyle today, getting boozed and all that with my friends, and I was like : That girl was better than most of rappers we listened too… Cos, yo ! She was tight (« represent the feminist god »)!

 And you know, unless like the bunch of hypster/female rappers, when she was rapping, you were feeling concerned ! (well, it’s true, hypsters are concerned by female hypsters rappers, the same ones we used to be called wack MC’z)

 As far as I remember, as a teen, Rah Digga did rap on one of my favourite beats at the time, the proper ruff, rugged and raw type of beat ; spittin’ proper purist rhymes… Well, just pour it up and listen :

 And you know, she did some club songs too.. But still, that was not a « pussy » song man… Just check  it out !

 You know what 2014 female rapper ? (the one loved by hypesters) Fuck your ex boyfriend, fuck your swag, fuck your love song, fuck your chorus, fuck your clothes, fuck your digital CD ! We listen to real female rappers even 10 years later, but you, your record will just be a bad embarrassing file being shown up during a party…. And fuck your listeners. Why ? Just listen one more song…

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