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That day, I was ’bout to hang out with my mates, and I received from my Vinyler dealer this message on FB : « yo, if you guys are receiveing this message, it’s because the album I’m selling right now is a top album, only 25euros, first come first served ! »

F%!K, I couldn’t properly see the
picture of the album on my small telephone, but if my man RECS ForSale recommends me this, I guess that’s dope… I’m buying it, even tho I never heard of « Brothaz bent ».

A few days later, I’ve been lazy enough to not check out what’s that album, and when Recs Forsale gave me that I was like « erm… really man ? This cover looks like a rock album or something… »
« Yo bro, just play it, you’ll see, real hiphop made in 2007, the price has already gone up to 50$ on the internet… »

Ok, lets get home, and let’s have a good glass of that cognac while we play it… BIM !
Has my man said it was from the west Coast ??? Really ?! And 2007 ?!
I’m usually a East Coast fan, that ‘s why before this one I never bought any west coast records (this changed since), and well… This album sounds like a 98’ album made in NYC, just check out :

And well, if you digg enough, you can find their only music video :

This album has 23 tracks, here is my favourite one (and the one everybody be like : « Who dat ?! » when I play it…) :


Who are they ? They are Don C. & Animoss and also known as Arch Druids. They made some beats for roc Marciano (yep, just check out), they’ve got their own labe : Blunt boogie.
Unfortunately, apart from that, I can’t say much more on them, they are so underground there is just a very few information on them… All I can say is, you better cop the album which is already an underground classic !