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Happy new year dear readers ! For this first « throwback thursday », we’ll focus on a LP which was out in 2001. While I was listening to the new Fredro Starr track ….

Sticky Fingaz

“Every day hell” (link below), which is dope, I remembered how Onyx has influenced me and slapped me in the face with so many hardcore tracks…

And then, I realised, somehow, the solo album of Sticky Fingaz has been underestimated : The album Blacktrash, The Autobiography of Kirk Jones was just an underground classic to me.

And this, for quite a few reason, the first one: we definitely feels this onyx pure rawness during the whole album, this track (the second one of the album) shows it perfectly:

The second reason, is the concept of the album. Kirk Jones (a fictionnal character) just got out of jail, and he’s back in the streets. Sticky killing, talking to God, going to court (on that one, the beat is just ill, matching properly with every rhymer invited, such as Rah Digga, Redman and Canibus). Well, listenning to this record is like reading a good book, or watching The Wire, going deeply in the most infamous streets of New York. It also shows the point of view of seomeone trying to survive in this environment, this record is like a proper movie, sadly well close to the reality…. Also, you can find some conceptual tracks, it’s the case of “What if I was white” feat. Eminem, the title says it all. On the track “Why”, describing the way people from the streets live, but not gloryfiying it…

The last reason why you should listen to it, is that this album is sick. The beats are dope, Sticky keeps rhyming during the whole LP with pure rage, and the rappers invited know to kick it: Rah Digga, Eminem, Raekwon, Lord Superb Redman, Canibus, Black Child, Petey Pablo and of course Fredro Star). I let you have an ear on that, letting you the best tracks to me.




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