Medina Green, another crew which does not remind anything to anyone in the Hiphop world, but whose godfather is… Mos Def !
Let’s take a look at this underground crew which has been heavyweight in the New York hiphop, just a few years ago… 
Mos def, you already know, and the most obsessed crate diggers must know this :

Urban thermal Dynamics, the firstr crew Mos Def has been part of, and he
was already dope… It was in 1995, name of the track : « Manifest
Destiny ». Right, let’s check another one ! 

Shit is ill… Then, we know what happened to Mos Def : Black Stars avec
Talib Kweli, Black on both sides…
Then, he gives a hand to Medina green, composed of DCQ, Magnetic, Lord
Ato et Jah Born.
B.Boys clearly notice them thanks to the album soundbombing 2 on which
appear the track « Crosstown Beef » feat. Mos Def (for a better quality,
look for the track without video) :

Then, they release the EP record which has on the B side « Fa-la-lashe ».
After that, comes out the Mixtape « u know the flex : The mixtape vol 1 » in 2004, which contains this underground classic : 

On the record, you can find some solos of (And some of Mos Def, some proper Borkkly Hiphop, pure Hiphop …)
Following to this, comes out the double vinyle « Funky Flex in the flesh and more mixtape Vol 2 », in 2005.

Mos Def keeps rapping with them, in a very efficient way …
Last news we had from the group are from 2010, they were announcing the LP « Save the children » with a video :

Another track was done with Mos Def : 

But since then, nothing at all… No news… Even the official website
does not exist anymore… All I can do, is giving you the soundcloud,
which is still active, and recommend you to buy their records !