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Nice… « Next », let’s check the other track… Nice again, « Next »
I’m sure there is something better on it… Damn, what’s that banger ?!

Pete Rock feat. Roc Marciano and Trife : Give it to y’all », at the
time I get crazy on that track in the record shop, with the huge
headphones on my head. Aight, I’m buying it just because of this track, «
The beat generation » by Pete Rock (even tho the rest of the CD is well
good too)…  

A dope beat made by Pete Rock, and the sick Long Island Emcee (who I never heard before) : Roc Marciano. Let’s dig in the crates…

Roc Marciano, this guy kills mics, after some solo tracks, he gets involved in the Flipmode Squad… Roc Marciano will quit the crew a bit later on, but had the time to drop some bangers such as :

In 2001, will be created a fukin ill crew : The UN. Two New York underground classic LP’s will born from it :«UN or U not » and« Strenght and honour ». Here is a sample of the verbal murders the did :
And sometimes, Roc Marciano’s dude, Pete Rock, gives a hand…
Hot shit… As you can imagine, the Roc Marciano’s album is awaited, and in 2010, he drops « Marcberg », which is one of the dopest album released onj that year…

In 2011, He relases« The Prophecy EP » which contains tracks from 1997 (which is, according to a lot of B.Boys, on of the best year for HipHop, only dope tracks on it).
On the same year, Roc Marciano releases Gangrene (composed of Alchemist and Oh No) : Greneberg. The EP is the bomb.
In 2012, another high level album is dropped : Reloaded. The Emcee is reloaded to the fullest, and as usual, he delivers cold beats, with his dark beat and pictured images (and well… Roc Marciano does not rap about rainbows…).

This week, he will release « Marci beaucoup », on the 10th of December to be precise. As french dudes, we love the album name, but on topp of that, we already know the shit will be on point, and it’s going to be one of the best album of the year. We guys don’t really like those hipster rappers and fake thug shit you can see a bit everywhere. Only pure and raw HipHop in our articles.

I let you looking for more information yourself, so you can (as I did) find some dope shit involuntary thanks to youtube and the other websties!

Peace !

PS : As well, he released « The pimpire strikes back » mixtape this year…(PS : As well, he released « The pimpire strikes back » mixtape this year)

To follow Roc Marciano : @RocMarci

– Writtten by Becri