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Bad Seed ! This fuckin name for which it took me 5 years to know how it was being spelt… I remembered how I discovered one of my fav’ underground rapper …
Back in the dayz : No internet, no proper hi-fi system, just a few euros used to buy three blank cassettes, and then I stole my dad’s ghettoblaster : I was ready to start up my Hiphop stock. At the time, there was a radio show presented and animated by DJ Sérom, DJ Asfalte, and on the mic there was Mickey Largo. You have to picture the area: At the time, you had Skyrock North (which was similar to Hot 97 in France, before it began one of the worst radio ever)… which was the only radio playing rap, but if you accidently pushed the tuner button too far, then you were right into the techno music because of the channel radio named Galaxie.

I generally was able to avoid the mistake, but one day, my man Kibrown who was just 13 (who was one of the only true B.Boy of the college) came to see me and said : « Becri ! There’s a hiphop show on Galaxie, I swear, and it’s fukin dope, just pure hiphop material man, word the mother ; it’s every Monday night, once a month!» Better not miss that Monday… He was damn right ! The show was so dope !!! The mixings, the Dj’s abilities and the selections were just mad dope, only one thing was not great… The mic’s quality being used by Mickey Largo… For real, you had to have a super ear to understand the names of the rappers being played…

And well, one day, as they were playing K-OTIX “U know the name” and Prodigy “Diamond” I heard THE beat, Something with the proper Brooklyn sound in it, as a french dude, I was just picturing the hustlers, rappers, B.Boys, broojlyn people down their blocks, rockin timberlands and rolling up some spliffs while the 40’s were getting emptied out, all that with this track in the back… That’s the pictures this track was giving to me… A little voice in the chorus, a bass, a dope rythm… Yo, what name did he say ??? « the baltick » ? Can’t find it… let’s press rewind… « the bald kicks » ? it doesn’t make sense and I still cant’ find anything on it… Did he say « The ballicks » ? Man it still does not make any sense and I still can’t find it for fuck sake ! Oh well… I’ll have to listen to one of my fav’ track on tape forever then… That’s life… fuck… A few years later, as I was living in the UK, coming back from the factory… I opened a special Brew (it fucks you up, trust me), roll up my spliff and start looking up for some new shit. I remember, it was a good day : the weed was dope and I just got a JR Ewing mixtape called « Gang Bang Tonight ». the cover is well nice (thanks to the french porn actress Tabatha Cash), Jr Ewing never has never disappointed me, so I press play… And what… One of my biggest B.Boy life’s mysterie just been solved out!

Cos’ there is this in this mixtape  « THE BAD SEED » fuck me, that was it!!! From this point, this track has been played for a whole week, by the way, it is the first vinyl I ever bought (and I didn’t even have a turntable at the time). The beat has been done by Nottz and that’s the bomb, the lyrics are dope, well gangsta… « The truth hurts, and we don’t cry, we say ouch/Im old school(…) I will smack you, separate your lips from the mouth » ouch… With such a track, I’m pretty sure this guy has been killing some other tracks in the past , that’s how I found this :

Since I’m in the UK I am able to understand english (from this point, I stopped the french rap) and Im just enjoying a lot the track against Giuliani for who Bad Seed gave the nickname « Julie » , in which he gets insulted as a little bitch on a dope ass beat… And well threatenning beat… e « Damn Julie, I hope you die like a bitch » Simple and efficient …

And as Bad Seed says, the shit is hot ! Fun fact, it’s because I’m writing down this article that I find out for the first time a video of Bad Seed, with some anti wack mc’s lyrics

As a bonus to finish this post I invite you t watch  here is a little documentary about The Bad Seed :