“They did it , Fu#! !!! On November 10th, they painted the 5 Pointz in white !


So why destroy 200,000 sf (19,000 m2) of art ? According to the building owner, it is to build a real estate project. I will make it short, this answer make no sense. First of all, the owner could convert the building into museum and make a lot of money … or make a trendy Graffiti building which could be a unique place to live.


If you look at the 5 Pointz history, you realize how that place was big for the Hip-Hop culture. Indeed, biggest graffiti artists such as Stay High 149, Tracy 168, Cope2, Part, SPE & TATS CRU… painted on these walls, Rappers like  Doug E. Fresh, Kurtis Blow, Mobb Deep, Rahzel, Boot Camp Clik, to name a few, also performed in this place. Day by day, money is killing culture more & more, that’s a sade situation. I don’t want to sounds clich√© on this one but to destroy the 5 Pointz, it’s like to destroy another part of our revolutionary culture…

I’m a DJ and Music producer about Hip-Hop and I had the chance to visit that place a couple of times since I moved to NYC. So, I had to contribute to salute The 5 Pointz with a couple of pictures I did there last summer.

I also invite you to take a moment to sign the 5 Pointz’ Landmark petition on www.5ptz.com

Thanks to Zimad who gave me this opportunity to shot these flicks…. Au revoir 5 Pointz ! ” – J Hart