After a 2-week break in California (where I wanted to stay forever lol), I came back to New York City to attend the 7th Harold Hunter Day which took place at NYC’s Coleman Oval/L.E.S. Skatepark on Saturday October 12th.
Before talking about this event,  let’s talk about who was Harold Hunter…

So, Harold Atkins Hunter was a New Yorker professional skateboarder, the first one sponsored by a local skate shop “Skate NYC”.  Indeed, he became one of best and notorious skateboarder of the City.
He was also known on screen for his participation in Larry Clark’s
1995 film “Kids”, playing the role of Harold. He did as well a couple of TV Shows such
as Miami Ink, Kung Faux to name a few.

Harold died on February 17,
2006, at the age of 32, from a cocaine-induced heart attack. The Harold Hunter Foundation (=HHF) was created in his memory to support childs
interested in skateboarding. 
Let’s move along with this 7th edition which was hosted by Jefferson Pang & Dave Ortiz with live music played by DJ Smoke L.E.S. That was a fantastic ambiance : cool music, best trick contests, skateboards and cool vibes with people from all age. Airwalk, Skullcandy, Zoo York, Monster Energy, and Supreme, which sponsored the events were there also to provide merchandise giveaways and also to raise money to support the HHF foundation. By the way, you can also support this non-profit organization by making a donation at
If you’re around New York next year, be sure to be here to support the foundation and enjoy these great moments summarized in a couple of pictures I did on the spot :
J Hart , Glenn Chapman of Chapman Skateboards , Craig Hein (Art Director,  Zoo York Kings)
Micheal Cohen, Adam Schatz and Rodney Smith of SHUT NYC
Danny Supa (Pro Skateboarder)