Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be invited at the listening session of the singer Camille Safiya & the music producer Frankie P for the release of their new opus titled Island Blues (The Sonic Memoirs), available from Septembre 12th 2013.

Camille Safiya x J Hart x Frankie P

Well, before talking about this album, I would like to invite you to listen to the song “Black Jaguar” by pressing play below, just so you enter in the universe of “Island Blues”…

Ok, now we good, let’s talk in more details about Camille Safiya’s Sonic Memoires. This is a collaborative 8 tracks album between the singer/rapper/painter Camille Safiya and the music producer Frankie P (who already worked for Asap Ferg, Onyx, B-Real)…
I will be honest with you, this listening session has been a true discovery experience as I did not know these two New York artists before going in but now that I had the pleasure to meet them, I will make sure to follow their work, just because they are talented and humble…it’s as simple as that.

Put together in only 2 weeks, this album reflects the atmosphere of both the listening session and the persons involved in this opus (including the ones who work in the shadow) : the love of music. I don’t like to
compare artists but for reference if you like Erykah Badu, India Arie,
Lauryn Hil, this Masterpiece is for you ! 

“The Island Blues familly

The best 3 songs on this album for me are Jaguar, Broke and Island Gyal. Why ?? 
Jaguar for the musicality and the feeling of this song which open Island blue excellently. Broke because of the topics, indeed, in a couple of words, Camille said in the hook “I could be the brokest b!#ch you ever seen but I’m still the richest cuz I got my dreams” and as an artist I can tell you that’s something you really know ! lol, so that’s probably why this one is one of my best. About Island Gyal, first of all the production is a pure “neo-soul x dominicano x reggae” banger, especially with the conga played by Dr. George Friedman-Jimenez (Camille’s father), also the voice and smoothie vibes of Camille are the perfect combination of this collaborative project which is for me one of my best discovery of this year 2013. 
Voil√† ! now you know what you have to do, Download the opus below to discover by yourself the rest of “Island Blues” , Enjoy…

CS front
“…All the actors of this project did it for the love of arts and music…” – Camille Safiya Aug. 10th 2013, NYC.




Frankie P:

Twitter: @FrankieP325

Instagram: @UptownFrankieP

A Special Thanx to Rockstxr Jones, Adam & Sydney love.

– J HART , Big Bang Show