Well, for a long time I wanted to launch the Big Bang Reports…and here it is!
With this new move I want to introduce you to famous and not so famous people who are living their dreams.

In this first Episode, I did an interview with Alexandre, a French guy who moved to the USA to open his boutique in New York. Hope you’ll enjoy it….

Press Play & Enjoy your reading !

J HART :  Hi Alexandre, can you introduce yourself ?

ALEXANDRE: Hi, My name is Alexandre. I’m from Neuilly, it’s a suburb of Paris
located in the 92.

J.H. :  Why did you decide to move in USA ?

A.: The idea to move to the USA started when I was 11 years old during my first trip to New York City with my grandparents. Then from 17 years old, I did a lot of back and forth to the City, about 4 trips per year. At the age of 21 years old, I decided to live the American Dream because I fell in love with this country..

J.H.  : Can you introduce your Boutique ?

A.: So my boutique Alex Fashion, is located in N.Y.C. on 116th street between Lexington and Park Avenue (Subway Line 6, 2, & 3). I opened it since 6 months ago to bring New Yorkers swag from NYC to Paris and vice-versa. My biggest priority in my business is to offer the best quality for the best prices and to satisfy my clients. About clothes, I do Urban Chic with famous brands and also spotlight Up & Coming local brands. That means, you can literally come to my boutique and spend anywhere from $8 to $800. There’s something for everybody at Alex Fashion.I have the chance to be French and to be married to an American  woman. That means that I truly know these 2 cultures and it allows me to bring my French touch to New York City in the best way, and that’s really rare in NYC.

J.H. : What are your top 3 advices for opening up a Boutique or Store in New York City ?

A.: That’s a hard question bro. but I can say, first of all you need to have a decent amount of capital to invest in the business. Secondly, you have to find the right spot in the right place, if possible a place with a lot of foot traffic, easy to access and close to public transportation. And third, you have to know where to buy your merchandise. One of the most important things is to believe in your business and not to be afraid to work 24/7! because N.Y.C. is a city with a lot of competition especially in fashion boutiques or stores.  If you think about working 35 hours a week, it’s definitely not for you! (laugh).
J.H. : What is the most difficult thing about living in N.Y.C. compared to Paris ?

A.: Here in New York, there is no such thing as a break.There is a lot of stress, you need a lot of money to live good over here, you need to work 12 hours 7 days a weeks to get to where you want to be. Plus, it’s like there is always something happening. This is the city of the hustle, so no rest, it’s just about chasing money to pay bills and to live good. The more you have, the more you want to make….Yeah, it can be really stressful over here!


J.H. : What is the budget to open up a boutique like yours ?

A.: I will say a minimum of $45,000 to buy clothes, to renovate your boutique, to buy stands and similar items…And I have to say that I did all the renovating by myself or with family, so if you get others to help, more like $55,000.

J.H.: What is the most difficult part of your job?

A.: The most difficult part of my job is to stay motivated to market my boutique. I mean I’m always doing advertising to make my store more famous and better known in N.Y.C., that takes a lot of energy but it’s necessary, especially when you start a business like mine’s. The other important thing is to respect the opening hours and always be there for clients.

J.H.: What is the part you prefer in the business?

A.: Hmm, I love speaking and giving my advice to clients. Marketing relations is what I really like, my goal is that each client buys something when they come to my boutique, but not in a tricky way or by force, but because they have enjoyed the experience and my merchandise…

J.H.: How you see your business in 5 years?

A.: My goal in 5 years is to be known and recognized in the 5 boroughs of N.Y.C. and the surrounding states of New York. I really would like to open more stores in NYC and in other states as well. If it happens, it’d be great! (lol)

J. H.: If you had the choice to re-do what you did or not, what is your answer?

A.: Yeah, I would re-do it but better! because you always learn from experiences.

J.H.: I got a classic question on the BBS bro., what is more important to you than money?

A.: Family first…always! Living happily and healthy…Then it’s money! (laugh)

J.H.: Okay, so this interview is almost finished, this your opportunity now, say whatever you want Alex:

A : Come see me at 114East 116th Street to get fresh. Also, if you need advice for your business I have been in this game for more than 10 years now and so it would be a pleasure for me to help you.Also about Fashion don’t forget that fashion comes to Harlem and then spreads globally. For example, not that I am marketing for the company, but the major trend for the jeans brand “True Religion” began in Harlem, or another example is that Harlem rappers always have influenced urban fashion. This fashion and swag combined with the chic and classic fashion of Paris is what you get when you come to Alex Fashion.  You also get a true Boutique experience from the design, to the concept, to the type of professional and friendly customer service you receive. 
And obviously thank you J Hart and The Big Bang Show for showing love to Alex Fashion Boutique! And don’t forget guys to follow me on Instagram: @Alexfashion116th, Salute!

“…I will re-do it but better ! because you always learn from experiences…”